Magnetic Separators

Magnetic separators are used to remove any ferrous tramp metal from product stream – any dry particulate, liquids, and slurries. Magnetic separators are designed to protect processing equipment and product.

Plate Style

Plate Magnets are typically installed as suspended over conveyors and used in applications where there are angled spouts

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Grate Style

Grate Magnets are also called Tube Magnets and are used directly in the product stream. These type of magnets comes in direct contact of the product providing optimum separation.

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Drawer Style

Drawer Style Magnets have multiple staggered rows of magnetic tubes with high magnetic strength to remove medium to fine ferrous material from the product stream. 3 models available in different sizes.

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Drum Style

Drum style magnets are designed to provide continuous removal of ferrous material from the product stream. Single or Double Rotating Drum enclosed in a housing design available. Drum Dia. from 12″ to 30″ available.

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Hump Style

Hump Style Magnets are designed for gravity feed applications and remove fine to large ferrous materials from the product stream. This can be called plate style magnets. Magnetic Separation occurs in two stages – first stage plate magnet and second stage plate magnet covering the entire width of the housing, ensuring effective removal of ferrous […]

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Pulley Type

Pulley Type Magnets are designed to remove ferrous material from belt conveyors. This can be positioned as idler pulley or drive pulley. These are available in different belt width and diameter. Factory Consultation is required to ensure the right size magnet with sufficient magnetic strength.

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Spout Type

Spout Type Magnets are employed where removal of large ferrous material from high volume gravity-fed applications is required. This can be used for vertical spouts as well as for angled spouts. Custom transitions to suit your process requirements are available.

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Conveyor Belt Type

Conveyor Belt Magnets are suspended over the conveyor to remove ferrous material from the high volume of deeply burdened bulk solids. Factory Consultation is required for right size magnet selection.

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Pneumatic In-Line Type

Pneumatic In-Line Type Magnets are used to remove ferrous material from a product stream in dilute phase conveying systems. This can be installed on horizontal, vertical, or on angled conveying lines. A strong plate magnet removes ferrous material maintaining the same product conveying velocity with no significant pressure drop.

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