Bulk Bag Unloader

Vac-U-Max Bulk Bag Unloader with Electric Hoist

Our bulk bag unloading systems are specifically designed and engineered to discharge bulk bag contents – free-flowing, agglomerative and sticky material into your process in a safe way, convenient and economical way. Our bulk bag unloading stations are available in different models to meet specific bulk bag (lined and unlined), bulk bag handling requirements and properties of bulk material.


  • Rugged construction – simple and maintenance-free design
  • Welded Tubular Frame
  • Guards included protecting operator handling super sack
  • Available in Carbon Steel and Stainless-Steel Construction
  • Force applied at all 4 bottom edges to ensure effective product flow and complete emptying of the bulk bag contents
  • No spillage and dust-free environment operation
  • Dust Collection points included
  • Weight Capacity up to 3300 lbs. Custom models available.
  • Forklift and Electric hoist options for bag handling
  • Discharge Options: Adaptors provided for pneumatic conveying, flexible screw conveyors, airlock rotary valves and screw feeders