Bulk Bag Loader

Bulk Bag Loaders are also called bulk bag fillers. Bulk bag filler is one of the essential piece of equipment where bulk solids material are handled and shipped. Bulk bag loaders can be fed either from hopper, conveyor and other processing equipment directly. Bulk bag loaders are simple in design and yet, more consideration is given to the weight of each bulk bag, density of bulk material and bag stack ability. Base Bag Bulk Loader is a simple frame to hold the bulk bag with loading chute at the top. Different configurations with additional options are available. Bulk Bag Loaders are constructed of carbon steel or stainless steel. Sanitary Grade Construction is also available. Bulk bag loaders can be easily moved with forklift. Bulk bags weighing up to 2000 kg can be loaded with our bag bag loaders. The neck sealing is designed to provide dust free environment during filling process, saving product and maintaining safe work environment.