Bag Compactor

Often in bulk solids processing plant, large quantities of bags are opened to add product to mixers, hoppers and other process equipment. These open bags are a big source of dust and takes operator’s valuable time to move bags to assigned location. Our bag compactors are specifically designed to provide dust containment for processing and for the operators on the production floor. Our bag compactors save floor space, keeps your floor clean and provides safe environment. Our bag compactors are pneumatically operated and can be used in classified environment. It needs only compressed air for its operation.

Bag compactors are available with control panel in two configurations:

1. Stand alone

2. Integrated unit with bag dump station

Our bag compactor units are easy to use. Operator simply loads the compactor through bag inlet opening and operates the control. For the operator’s safety, this unit comes with safety interlock that prevents the bag compactor if the door is open.

Vac-U-Max Bag Compactor